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Chaos vs. Code of Conduct. You Choose

After studying the first two verses of Proverbs (along with asking for guidance from the Ruach Ha’Kodesh), I will provide what I have gotten out of my study. As always, I ask that you don’t just take my word for interpretation of the Holy Scriptures. Study for yourself, to show thyself approved unto Ahayah Asher Ahayah. I do not live to always be the “right one”. I live to be right according to Ahayah’s Standard.

So the first verse let’s us know that Proverbs was written by Solomon, Son of David. The first usefulness of Proverbs that is listed is to know the ability to discern inner qualities and relationships. As well as to know the commands from Ahayah that details Ahayah’s code of conduct (pattern of behavior) that He intended for us to follow. The second usefulness of Proverbs is to understand the words of knowledge.

In today’s society, we reject morals. We want to do what we want, when we want to do it, and however we want to do it. Ahayah has blessed us with instructions on how to live a fruitful and meaningful life. But as a society, we have tossed out the instructions because we don’t have the patience to live a spotless life and be the best version of our Creator’s intended creation. Ahayah may have created us to be a sturdy table, but we decide that we want to be a chair. So instead of providing relief for the whole party to allow them to eat their meal in comfort, we want to only think of ourselves and want the spotlight on us. (Anything thing that deviates from the creation of Ahayah is called perversion).

Without order, there is chaos, and you are seeing the proof of that in the United States of America right now. We are slowly shifting toward a state of unlawfulness. In a world where anybody can tell you what they identify as and you must accept it, how can we judge judiciously anymore? If someone says they identify as a criminal and you must accept their criminal behavior because they we born a criminal, how can you fairly tell them “No, we do not accept that!”? Hopefully now, you see our dilemma. Without Ahayah’s instruction of The Way of Life, we are doomed to live in a constant state of chaos.

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